Joshua Gott
Joshua Gott
Creative Director | Strategist | Storyteller

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I help you create content,
simplify complex ideas,
and tell better stories.


Everybody has their sweet spot and here’s mine: the intersection of entertainment and explanation. I love explaining things and creating clarity. I’m a creative director, strategist, and storyteller based in Cincinnati, OH who specializes in things like:

  • Producing video content

  • Explaining complex ideas simply

  • Articulating your value proposition

  • Telling your brand story

  • Translating your expertise into a video course

  • Constructing a content strategy

  • Developing keynote presentations and pitches


I’ve worked with brands like:

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Featured Work

All work featured here was completed during my time in various creative and leadership roles at Epipheo - a video agency in Cincinnati, OH that focuses on helping people understand things.





Pantene Gold



Jim Stengel Company




Tutorial Series

Shared Folder Tutorial

Shared Link Tutorial

Team Folder Tutorial

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CEREC | YouTube Pre-Roll Ad

What Is a CEREC Crown?

Benefits | YouTube Pre-Roll Ad


Fifth Third Bank


Herding Tigers [Book Trailer]



National Assoc. of Realtors

Gary Vaynerchuk



Pepper & Wits

Looking Glass



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Voice Acting

It all started when…

I became a voice over artist by accident. At first it was out of necessity - I needed to send clients sample VO tracks in order to convey tone and inflection for the scripts I was writing. But before I knew it they were requesting that I also record the final voice over track as well. Now, hundreds of videos later I still enjoy voicing scripts for companies large and small.



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During my many years as part of the fantastic team over at Epipheo, I’ve had the good fortune of working with multiple Fortune 500 companies to create compelling video content.  That last sentence probably has you thinking, “Oh, so you’re a video guy?” Well, yes. Kind of. In reality video is just one of the tools in my toolbelt.  Whether it’s a video, website, manuscript, keynote, live event, or something in-between my truest artform is finding interesting ways to create clarity and make things make sense.  

Organizational Leadership

From team lead, to department director, to Executive Creative Director, I’ve wrestled with the unique challenges that come with moving from doing creative work to leading creative teams. For all of the mistakes I’ve made as a leader (and I’ve made plenty) there are a few things I’m truly proud of: hiring great people, transitioning the organization from a team of individuals to a team of teams, and consistently challenging everyone in the organization to “make it better.”

Music & Audio

Music has always been a part of my life. I’m a vocalist and multi-instrumentalist with experience performing live, producing studio projects, and training people of all ages on the artistic and technical sides of audio development. I strive to bring that sense of musicality, tone, and timing to everything I create.


Aside from servicing brand teams, I’ve helped tackle the challenges that come with being part of an internal marketing team in an ever-changing industry.  From brand and marketing strategy to content creation I understand the diverse needs for today’s companies.


Often, sales teams and creative teams aren’t exactly BFF’s.  So, as a creative at heart, why would I ask to join the sales team?  Because, I believe that when creatives and sales teams work together everyone wins.  And in my experience the proof is in the numbers, with multiple 6-figure campaigns and repeat business as a result of our joint efforts.

Product Development

Taking a step back from what you’ve always done and asking the question, “What else should we be doing?” isn’t easy.  It takes getting out of your comfort zone, putting yourself in the customer’s shoes, and thinking on your feet.  Having worked on numerous development focused projects combining Sprint, Jobs-To-Be-Done, and storytelling techniques I’ve had the chance to help bring new products to life.